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T.E. Toomey Co. Inc. - Distributor of Plastic Pipe, Flue Linings, Manhole Protective Covers and more...
T.E. Toomey Co. Inc. - Distributor of Plastic Pipe, Flue Linings, Manhole Protective Covers and more...STORMWATER AND DRAINAGE
chambers may be used as replacements for large diameter pipe and stone systems and retention/detention ponds for subsurface management of stormwater.

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The original Plastic Leaching Chambers Residential & Commercial Septic Systems CULTEC, Inc. is the manufacturer of Contactor® and Recharger® Plastic Septic and Stormwater chambers, HVLV™ Header System and Stormfilter® Filtration Chamber.


Subsurface chambers for wastewater and stormwater drainage systemsCULTEC, Inc. developed retention/detention infiltration and storage chamber systems to concurrently protect our environmental resources and meet EPA stormwater management regulations while complying with the AASHTO requirements.

CULTEC, Inc. is the manufacturer of CULTEC Recharger® Plastic Stormwater Detention/Retention Chambers, CULTEC HVLV™ Header System and CULTEC Stormfilter® Stormwater Filter Chamber. CULTEC is deemed one of the foremost authorities in plastic stormwater systems product design. The concept of HDPE plastic chambers derived from concrete structure predecessors.

Complete System for stormwater detention/retentionCULTEC Stormfilter® Stormwater Filter Chamber

A plastic chamber consisting of series of pass-thru filter frames to remove debris, silt and fines from stormwater. The Stormfilter® can be entered and serviced through a top access opening brought up to grade. It is a value-engineering option to more cost-prohibitive alternatives.

CULTEC Recharger® Plastic Stormwater Chambers

CULTEC Recharger® Plastic Stormwater ChambersDome-shaped, fully open bottom corrugated chambers with perforated sidewalls. The chambers allow stormwater to be stored within the dome void until it can infiltrate into the ground. They are able to be used for residential or commercial use. They free up land areas that would be required for open retention/detention ponds and puts the system underground (such as under parking areas). Water is infiltrated into the ground and replenishes the surrounding soil and aquifer on-site rather than storing it above ground (health liability issues such as West Niles breeding grounds for mosquitoes, or drowning) or redirecting it to a watercourse and potentially overloading or polluting our natural surroundings and resources. The lightweight plastic chambers replace conventional pipe and stone systems, concrete structures or above ground drainage areas such as ponds or swales.

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